The Beverly Hills lacrosse Club was created to serve the best interests of the players in organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse at the middle school level in the Los Angeles area

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by posted 08/18/2013
                                               SCLAX TO HOLD THEIR FIRST FALL TOURNAMENT
     Up until a several years ago when the league was smaller there was just one Division and teams traveled from the Los Angeles area to San Diego and vice versa to play some of their games. That was mitigated  a few years ago when all games were played at the beautiful Peninsula Park Field in Newport Beach.
     As the league grew to twelve teams it was divided into a North Division and a South Division and with the exception of the final round of the playoffs, teams from the North no longer played the South teams. To remedy that and give everyone a chance to play teams that they normally don't get a chance to play the SCLAX League will hold two interdivisional tournaments this fall.
     The first tournament will be held at Peninsula Park on Sunday September 29th and will feature five of the top SCLAX finishers from the 2013 SCLAX season: 2013 North Champion Newport Beach Lacrosse Club; 2013 North Champion South Bay Lacrosse Club; Beverly Hills Lacrosse Club; 40 Thieves and OMBAC (Old Mission Bay Athletic Club) Beachcomber. Below is the September 29th game schedule:
10:00 Newport Beach vs  Beachcomber                                  
11:05 Beverly Hills vs  Forty Thieves
12:10 South Bay vs  Newport Beach
1:15 Beverly Hills vs Beachcomber
2:20 South Bay vs  Forty Thieves