The Beverly Hills lacrosse Club was created to serve the best interests of the players in organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse at the middle school level in the Los Angeles area

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     The 2016 SOCAL Champion Beverly Hills Bucks are getting ready to get playing again. With a scrimmage already scheduled at Cal Poly on Saturday January 28th and at Concordia on February 11th and the  of the 2017 regular season is set for February 26th against 2014 SOCAL Champion South Bay Lacrosse Club it's it's time to start putting the squad into "GO" mode.


     Just go online to and hit the “REGISTER ONLINE” tab on the left menu. Then go to the bottom of the page and select the green “Begin Registration” tab. That will take you through the process. If you played on our team before your name will appear with “Register” in a box next to it. Just select it. If you are new you will have to create an account.

  • All players must be members of U S Lacrosse and will not be able to complete the registration program without being registered. Towards the beginning of the registration process at the bottom of the page your U S Lacrosse Membership expiration date will show. If your U S Lacrosse membership number appears in the box you are current. If the box is empty there is a “LOOK UP” box right next to it where you will be able to find your existing membership number so you can continue the process.
  • Please note that the team gloves are optional. They are in very limited supply at that price.
  • We prefer that you purchase a team helmet but it is not mandatory. Thanks to sponsor support the price is great. 

   As always payments can be made by check, cash, Visa Card or Mastercard. To make it easier for players needing to purchase a helmet and/or gloves they will have some extra time to return to the website and pay. Please note that our dues also cover league fees, field rentals, field equipment and of course game officials.  FYI if you need to go back and make an additional payment after you register just select the "ONLINE REGISTRATION" button, go to the Mens Post Collegiate Registration page and select "BEGIN REGISTRATION", select "CONTINUE", put in your email address and password. The program will show you the balance due on your account. Just hit the "PAY NOW" button on the lower right hand corner of the page and enter a payment amount.