The Beverly Hills lacrosse Club was created to serve the best interests of the players in organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse at the middle school level in the Los Angeles area

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     Because I was unable to do my usual exact statistical analysis of the game because I was on the field missing calls I made some mental notes and interviewed some players after the game naively trusting on the honesty so here it is… the Bucks started off the preseason with a 17-6 win over USC.

     Alex Dixon scored the first goal of the game on an inside move to the doorstep with a feed from Steve Brandenburg. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop hearing about it as he added four more goals on the afternoon. Interestingly enough I received no reports on a Dixon assist! Eli Lasda added the next goal and in typical Lasda fashion we heard nothing about it as he added two more and an assist later in the game. Returning to the Bucks after a two year East Coast Covid hiatus Nick Smith scored twice as he returned to the West Coast with two kids in tow…way to go Nick! Nick’s Crimson teammate Sean Kane had his usual strong game both dishing it out physically and taking a big hit as he “sold out” whenever the situation called for it. He also set a strong pick allowing for one of Eli’s goals off a Cam McNeil feed.

     Other players scoring were George Pertessis with two goals, Steve Brandenburg with a hat trick and Alex Jessup sweeping in from up top with a long ranger. Remember I couldn’t keep track while I was reffing so I might have missed something other than a call. And let’s not leave out Jared Jacobs who took all twenty three face offs in the afternoon. Throwing himself all over the turf like a seal at the beach Jared went 18 for 23 as he controlled the “X”.

     On the defensive side first half goalie netted nine saves on thirteen shots. Brad Brandenburg came in for the second half and had four saves on seven shots. All defenders including new Bucks out of Delaware A J Hoffman and Michigan’s Nick Mohler had at least one take away. John Brasko the original Buck who has been playing with us since 2007….and he was old then!

     The registration program will be up and running on the in about a week. I ask you to register as soon as you can so I can get an idea of the roster size and new uniforms to order. You will have an opportunity to pay with a credit card or Zelle which is the preferred choice so we are not hit with a credit card fee. Venmo will be the last resort because the new bank I am using takes Zelle but not Venmo……and millennials, no eff’n way am I doing Crypto!

by posted 11/15/2021


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